Eve and Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program | Los Angeles Pediatric Society
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Eve and Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program

1969-2024: The Summer Program still going strong at 55!

The Los Angeles Pediatric Society established the Eve and Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program in 1969 and is proud to celebrate its 55th year in 2024. The purpose of the program is to encourage high school students to choose careers in the health professions.

The 2024 Application has CLOSED 


This program is best described as a medical mentor program. Participants will attend daily online sessions with presentations/interactive sessions from a variety of general pediatricians, specialists, including surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, infectious disease, ophthalmologists, radiologists, child life, and  therapists, (i.e., physical, speech, occupational, or cognitive).

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program and one $500 scholarship will be awarded. Funding is provided by contributions from individuals and groups. If you would to donate to this life changing program, please donate below.

The 2024 Application has CLOSED 

Current participants in the Summer Program may communicate via our dedicated Facebook Page.