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Pediatricians as well as other physicians, surgeons, and licensed allied health professionals who have a particular interest and concern with the health and welfare of infants, children and adolescents are eligible to apply for membership. Members residing outside of California will be classified as affiliate members.

Membership for all categories is $125 a year.

Life membership is available at a one-time fee of $1250.

Members residing outside of California will be classified as affiliate members.

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If you prefer to file for membership via U.S. mail, please print and complete the application for membership below (or editable MS Word version here).

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Your contribution will help fund the important Eve and Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tax ID #95-2673275

Platinum Circle of Friends $5000Gold Circle of Friends $2000Silver Circle of Friends $1000Standard Circle of Friends $500Donor $100Individual $50 Other

The Board of the Los Angeles Pediatric Society gratefully acknowledges the contributors listed below.

Caroline Altergott, MD • Abdoulaye Diop, MD • Gerard Edralin, MD • Katherine Galos, MD • Doris A. Graves, MD • Tony Greenberg, MD • Lon B. Krock, MD • Mark Lessner, MD • Doris W. Rowe, MD • Patricia Rowe, MD • Nancy Shinno, MD • Stella Tripp • Lillie M. Williams, MD
Donor ($100+)
Neville Anderson, MD • Carol D. Berkowitz, MD, • Jean M. Carney, MD • Gloria F. Castle, MD • Carol B. Hyman, MD • Toni Johnson-Chavis, MD • Karen King, MD • Andrew D. Krasnoff, MD  • Susan Levy, MD • Barbara M. Lippe, MD • Richard Macias, MD • Dunja Milutin Maglica, MD • Patricia C. McKeever, MD • Rolando S. Mercader, MD •Fombe Ndiforchu, MD • Maureen O’Neill, MD • Martha Rivera, MD • Howard J. Reinstein, MD •Brett and Joan Rubin • Victoria Sanchez, MD • Susan Schreiber, MD • Keitha K. Scott, MD • Bracha Shaham, MD • Mohamad Shaheedy, MD • Nicole and Jeremy Shapiro, MD • Joshua M. Sherman, MD • Robert E. Stanton, MD • Judith C. Watson, MD • Teresita A. Zareno, MD • Nancy R. Zimble, MD
Agoura-West Valley Pediatric Group:
Kenneth F. Spaulding, Jr., MD, FAAP, Andrew K. McLaren, MD, FAAP, Kathryn Stiles, MD, FAAP, Kenneth N. Cosmer, MD, FAAP Robin J. Gingold, MD, FAAP, Christopher J. Tolcher, MD, FAAP Jason Scott Bromberg, MD, FAAP,  Bethany Stafford, MD, FAAP
Pico Clinica Medica Latina Inc.:
Teresita A. Zareno, MD
Zimble and Reinstein:
Howard J. Reinstein, MD, Nancy R. Zimble, MD
In Honor of
Edward Rissman, MD By: Katherine Galos, MD
Paula J. Whiteman, MD By: Carol Hyman, MD
All the hardworking Pediatricians in the LA community and beyond! By: Medical Group: PM Pediatrics; Los Angeles, CA 90035 By: Joshua M Sherman, MD; Regional Medical Director; Pediatric Emergent and Urgent Care Physician
In Memory of
Richard B. Castle By: Gloria Castle, MD
Paul G. Eglick, MD, (Philadelphia Pediatrician) By: Susan Levy, MD
Michael Marcy, MD By: Kimberly Klausner, MD
Dr. Clifford and Edythe Rubin By: Brett and Joan Rubin
Vivian Felsot By: Andrew D. Krasnoff, MD
Barnett Lipson, MD By: Robert E. Stanton, MD
Laila Jiwani, MD By: Jeremy Shapiro, MD
Circle of Friends ($500+)
Richard Hefter and Family
Kimberly Klausner, MD
Sylvia Mansour, MD
Martha Rivera, MD
Silver Circle of Friends ($1,000+)
Lettie Burgett, MD
Platinum Circle of Friends ($5,000+)
Audio Digest Foundation
Clifford L, Rubin, MD
Haynes Family Charitable Fund
Marcy Family Trust
Eve Black Memorial Fund
Agoura-West Valley Pediatric Group • Audio Digest Foundation • Carol Berkowitz, MD • Lettie Burgett, MD •Jean M. Carney, MD • Gerard Edralin, MD • Doris A. Graves, MD • Carole Hurvitz, MD • Toni Johnson-Chavis, MD •Andrew D. Krasnoff, MD • Rolando Mercader, MD • Fombe Ndiforchu, MD • Doris W. Rowe, MD •Susan Schreiber, MD • Bracha Shaham, MD • Judith C. Watson, MD • Teresita A. Zareno, MD
Jim Seidel, MD, PhD Memorial Fund
Carol D. Berkowitz, MD • Lettie Burgett, MD •Tony Greenberg, MD • Vince Haynes, MD, MD • Barbara M. Lippe, MD • Dunja Milutin Maglica, MD • Keitha K. Scott, MD • Nancy Shinno, MD • Teresita A. Zareno, MD
(We regret the omission of any names. Please notify our office of any errors and we will correct the listing.)